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Human Frequency

The human brain [is] a station on the radio dial; parked in one spot, it is deaf to all the other stations… the animals, rocks, trees, simultaneously broadcasting across the whole spectrum of sentience. Dr. Leroy Little Bear

Photos, Hallet Cove, 22 August 2020

Hallet Cove 22nd August 2020

I took Jessie’s camera to Hallet Cove today, south of Adelaide, still in the McMansion belt. It’s an incredible site, the life of rocks is so visible, from the huge variety of stones on the beach from a glacial dump to the glacial scrapings along the sides of the exposed cliff faces and the wild […]

Geophones & Seismometers

Lovely geologists David Fredricks & Peter Bell have suggested: Geophone Geophone from SparkFun They both recommend having it very very tightly into the rock – epoxied in as well its spikes driven in. Seismometers “… one researcher’s noise is another’s signal…” Seismometers pick up noise signals between & under actual events. A longstanding regular noise […]

Dr. Leroy Little Bear

Dr. Leroy Little Bear, in an interview for the article Listening to Stones “The native paradigm consists of several key things. One of them is constant motion or constant flux. The second part is everything consists of energy waves. In the Native world, the energy waves are really the spirit. And it is the energy […]