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The Geophone is built and undergoing some last tests at Tactical Space Lab. The spectrograph readouts are looking beautiful. Josh Harle has done an amazing job on what he has called a James Bond villain kit.

geophone underway

Geophone construction is underway by the wonderful Josh Harles of Tactical Space Lab A geophone is a device that converts ground movement (velocity) into voltage. This one will be able to detect low frequencies, around 10Hz and convert that to data.  

Geophones & Seismometers

Lovely geologists David Fredricks & Peter Bell have suggested: Geophone Geophone from SparkFun They both recommend having it very very tightly into the rock – epoxied in as well its spikes driven in. Seismometers “… one researcher’s noise is another’s signal…” Seismometers pick up noise signals between & under actual events. A longstanding regular noise […]