Hallet Cove 22nd August 2020

I took Jessie’s camera to Hallet Cove today, south of Adelaide, still in the McMansion belt. It’s an incredible site, the life of rocks is so visible, from the huge variety of stones on the beach from a glacial dump to the glacial scrapings along the sides of the exposed cliff faces and the wild formations (slumps, folds, chatters) that are exposed on the visible geostrata.

How do we listen to rocks, with a kind of synaesthesia (we hear the striations with our whole bodies we don’t see them with eyes), or through movement? Slumping and folding over time until we are attuned, mineral to mineral?

I’m just spending time with this site, there’s so much to know.

One question which always arises for me is:  how do we understand the history of land ithout a settler geology lens, or how do these origin stories speak to one another? How do dreamings and songlines intersect with European geological eras?

We’re srtill reading the Speculative Methodologies text, which is quite rich, and inspiring us to “make possibles perceptible”  through collective experimentation and imagining our way into “deep empiricism”.

To read: Whitehead and Bergson

Will put up some images from Hallet Cove shortly





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