further experiments with geo sounding

Playing around with sound in ableton, further to thinking about machine learning. I made a simple keyboard synth loaded with sounds converted from images (rock rubbings from the goldfields area, rocks from Hallet cove). The first result was the following piece. This piece was made using only 2 sounds, one from rocks in the goldfield area, the other from a shale slide at Hallet Cove. It’s made me think about data alot ond the uses to which it is put, and how data can be interpreted. How do we get to really pure data? I think that is an impossible question, and kind of a ridiculous one, but nevertheless, it plays on my mind, knowing that these sounds emerge from sites that are systemically skewed (the softwares, the codes, the composition – all are pre-loaded with certain values)

I’ve been using some commercial applications to do these experiments. I hope we can do away with some of these and create sounds that are less inflected with aesthetic ideas.

Both Jessie and Linda have been working with the recording side, using different microphones and capture devices. Will be nice to have a library of field recordings to load into a synth (one idea).

Also I wonder how the resulting sound can function to alter time, which I think is at the heart of the project.

Anyway! here’s the sound!

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