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Goldfields legacies

In ‘Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World’, Marcia Bjornerud states -in relation to large-scale mining processes- “Understanding the lingering effects of sudden topographic change is important because we ourselves are now agents of geomorphic catastrophe.” The effects of mining, which involves the massive derangement of topographies and natural systems will […]

Keeping Faith with Rocks

This project has more than a little discourse with phenomenology. When we speak about perception and entanglement, apprehending the self in the world, and embodiment, we necessarily connect with the ideas of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, among many others (Gregory Bateson, Jacob Von Uexküll, Vicki Kirby, Kate Wright, Lynn Margulis, Mary Beth Dempster et al). We are […]

Hallet Cove 22nd August 2020

I took Jessie’s camera to Hallet Cove today, south of Adelaide, still in the McMansion belt. It’s an incredible site, the life of rocks is so visible, from the huge variety of stones on the beach from a glacial dump to the glacial scrapings along the sides of the exposed cliff faces and the wild […]

Geophones & Seismometers

Lovely geologists David Fredricks & Peter Bell have suggested: Geophone Geophone from SparkFun They both recommend having it very very tightly into the rock – epoxied in as well its spikes driven in. Seismometers “… one researcher’s noise is another’s signal…” Seismometers pick up noise signals between & under actual events. A longstanding regular noise […]

Dr. Leroy Little Bear

Dr. Leroy Little Bear, in an interview for the article Listening to Stones “The native paradigm consists of several key things. One of them is constant motion or constant flux. The second part is everything consists of energy waves. In the Native world, the energy waves are really the spirit. And it is the energy […]

Thoughts on geotrauma and stones ability to think

“Geotrauma is not merely a wound, incised in organic texture by means of a foreign object, or even an individual experience; instead, it is a physical and material reality onto which all of life on Earth is inscribed, with its traces accumulated and entangled within us.” – Ana Dana Beros and Matija Kralj “By […]

Saturday August 15th 2020

Reading Speculative Research (Alex Wilkie, Martin Savransky, Marsha Rosengarten, eds.) We began reading Unthought by Katherine N Hayles, but decided that we needed to look at some texts that engaged more with the idea of “speculative” consciousness and cognition. Katherine N Hayles makes a distinction between, in a way, the living and the non-living or […]


BONEDIRT This project explores human attunement with the more-than-human, specifically with geostrata: rock, ground, dirt. We seek to develop technologies and speculative strategies for deep listening to and with the geological, to open out our possible relations with these more-than-human familiars. Humans: Jessie Boylan, Virginia Barratt, Linda Dement l-r: Jessie Boylan, Virginia Barratt, Linda Dement, […]