07/10 meeting

We will collate a database of our sound recordings and compositions so far.
VB will try using our sounds in Abelton for more midi synth.
Perhaps we can compose a choir of rock sounds?
JB & LD will record more sounds, including contact mic sounds of rocks under pressure and grinding or scraping.

We like the idea of together sitting in a rock formation and staying still, listening, not extracting or recording or doing anything, just listening. We may be able to arrange this in December? Future performance within an installation of this work is also a possibility, performance about listening, events of listening, stillness and long duration.

We imagine an installation with super slow video of falling rocks and low low felt sound.
We imagine being all together in the same space to work.
We imagine particulate matter within the rock bodies.
We imagine crushing our bones to powder and letting it blow on the wind.
We imagine what it could mean to be non-extractivist, to reject linear time.

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